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Hi! Your blog has been one of my favorite SS blogs for a long time. Glad to see you're (kind of) active again! Anyway, I read an SS fic a long time ago and can't remember the title. It was a oneshot, and in this fanfic, Sasuke is in a loveless marriage with Karin and having an affair with Sakura, who's a doctor. I remember the prompt for this fanfic was 'colorful plasters' and 'strawberry flavored condoms'. Could you maybe help me find this fic? I've tried everywhere to no avail. Thank you!

Hey there!

Aww, thank you so much for the compliment! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

As for the fic you’re looking for, I’m pretty sure you’re talking about Breathing Slowly by iMissa. It’s one of my all-time favorite SasuSaku fics, tbh. 

For those of you who love a good AU fic (with a side of Karin bashing), you guys should definitely check this amazing piece out!

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So I just watched Naruto 373…

Okay, someone please explain to me what the fuck was that?!

I mean I’m not even just mad about the fact that they totally altered practically every SasuSaku scene… Idk, the episode was just… meh, imo.
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Artist: 散鸦

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AU: Konoha isn't very happy with Sasuke living there.
     - Sakura, what if they don't accept me?
     -I'll punch them 'till they do.
     -What if that doesn't work?
     -Then I'll always be here for you.
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have u seen animecutiegirl's sasusaku videos on youtube? i think youd really like them

I haven’t seen her videos yet, but I’ll definitely check them out! :)

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i designed my own sasuke and this is a wip :)

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by Cygnetzzz

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Hey gurl! I just wanna say no matter what don't let people get you into this pointless war between the NS and SS fandom, just do you and ship all the ships! :D Me personally I'm a SS fan but Just cause you ship NS more I still respect and like you as a naruto fan (:

I’d rather die than be a part of shipping wars xD If i ever let myself argue with people over fictional ships i will be embarrassed with myself. Like no, fictional characters should be a reason we all come together and have fun, not turn against each other and fight wth. Thank you so much, you have my respect dear anon  ♥ Happy shipping 


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