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So I just watched Naruto 373…

Okay, someone please explain to me what the fuck was that?!

I mean I’m not even just mad about the fact that they totally altered practically every SasuSaku scene… Idk, the episode was just… meh, imo.
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AU: Konoha isn't very happy with Sasuke living there.
     - Sakura, what if they don't accept me?
     -I'll punch them 'till they do.
     -What if that doesn't work?
     -Then I'll always be here for you.
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have u seen animecutiegirl's sasusaku videos on youtube? i think youd really like them

I haven’t seen her videos yet, but I’ll definitely check them out! :)

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i designed my own sasuke and this is a wip :)

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by Cygnetzzz

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Hey gurl! I just wanna say no matter what don't let people get you into this pointless war between the NS and SS fandom, just do you and ship all the ships! :D Me personally I'm a SS fan but Just cause you ship NS more I still respect and like you as a naruto fan (:

I’d rather die than be a part of shipping wars xD If i ever let myself argue with people over fictional ships i will be embarrassed with myself. Like no, fictional characters should be a reason we all come together and have fun, not turn against each other and fight wth. Thank you so much, you have my respect dear anon  ♥ Happy shipping 


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