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Art by Itien-Shiba

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Favorite SasuSaku fanfiction/s?

Recommendations, please? I’m good with complete/incomplete works (although preferably not abandoned fics).

You can comment your suggestions here, or add the links by reblogging this post, or you can even send me a message. Either will do! I just want to see if there are any complete fics I’ve missed out on, plus I want to expand my… incomplete fics shelf as well (I know, I’ve started reading WIP works, holy shit).

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I love your awesome SS-graphics!♥️♥️♥️

Aww, thank you sooo much! I’m really glad that you like them. (*’∀’人)♥

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best fics where sasuke has the crush? preferably one shots but long (complete!!!) fics work too! Everyone knows sakura loves him, i want sasuke being head over heels in love with sakura but not knowing how to handle it. love the blog btw, it's one of my faves forever plus mun is super sweet lemme just hug you<33

Ohh, that’s actually quite interesting; I don’t think I’ve ever read a fic (that took place in the canon world) where the author used that storyline! Only RTN fics though…

I’m going to rec you my fav. RTN fic anyway! It’s a oneshot collection (10 chapters) entitled:  

Road to Ninja AU. In another world, Sasuke makes the moves. That is, of course, unless Sakura feels like messing with him.

Aww, thank you so much, dear anon! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Please feel free to come back with more ficasks; I’m sorry I couldn’t be of much help this time. (▰˘︹˘▰)

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O N C E | A G A I N 
Chapters 181 & 693
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I have not read a sasusaku fic in quite a while, so thanks for your fic recs! It's hard to find them on tags alone. I don't know if you've read this one before, but there was this one sasusaku highschool au that I loved. It's been deleted though... it was about the usual delinquent-like Sasuke but the one different thing was that Sakura was the indifferent, don't have much friend type because she was the weird girl who wore dresses and wedges that made here seem like a fairy. Anyway thanks! :)

cont. OH and my previous message wasn’t about you helping me find this fic or something, I just wanted to share an experience that I am sure you know all too well :( Abandoned and deleted fics are always depressing.

Aww, you’re welcome! Hmm… I don’t think I’ve ever read that fic, but yes, I totally feel you. There are a lot of amazing SasuSaku fics (published around… 2008-2010) that have been abandoned, and it just… hurts my soul, tbh. Fics with such amazing potential that were discontinued/ abandoned. It breaks my heart, really. 

Even worse is when the fics are complete, but the author sort of leaves fanfiction (the site, I mean) and deletes all her works. I mean I sort of understand it from the author’s perspective, but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less. </3

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I have never (in all my seven years of shipping SasuSaku) met a fellow shipper whose (sole or main) reason for supporting this ship was because he/she found Uchiha Sasuke attractive.

I’m not saying that there aren’t people like that out there though– because there’s a chance that those people do exist (you have to admit, Uchiha Sasuke is really sexy), but I do think those kind of SS shippers are rare. If you’re going to generalize and scoff at an entire fandom because this one “person” you’ve managed to come across claims that this is the reason he/she ships SasuSaku, then… well, I don’t really know what to say (about you, that is). I get that generalization is still something that all shipping fandoms are trying to… overcome, but come on; you’re really going to group an entire fandom… with this reason? I ship SasuSaku, but I do know and understand that other people (even from the ships belonging in the big 4) have their valid reasons (as well as shallow reasons).

I assume that those people who ship SS (because of that reason)– might either be fairly new, or just maybe  maybe – not even a big follower of Naruto (the manga/anime in general) at all. I mean, if that’s the only reason they can come up with, then I’m sure they haven’t read/watched the whole thing. I’d understand if they got into the fandom because they thought (well, think) that Uchiha Sasuke is attractive, but if they’ve read the manga or even watched the anime, they will (well they’re supposed to) have even more reasons to give you (as to why they ship these two together). 

Over the years, I’ve seen people post about how SasuSaku shippers only ship SasuSaku because Sasuke is attractive, and every time I do see those posts, I end up… laughing. I’ve already mentioned this earlier; although it’s rare, I’m sure there are people who ship SasuSaku because of that shallow reason. Are they considered true SasuSaku shippers? Well, if we’re talking about semantics here, I guess they are (because they do support this ship after all– no matter what the reason behind that is).  But I can tell you this, if SasuSaku shippers (with legit reasons as to why they ship this couple) met these shippers (the ones mentioned by the haters), we’d most likely… properly educate them, in a sense; give them all the reasons, moments, evidence/proof, etc. 

I’ve met a lot of SasuSaku shippers (on this site, on other sites, IRL, people I’ve met online who I eventually ended up meeting IRL), and I can confidently tell you that when we talked about our OTP, Sasuke’s attractiveness never came up.

Even on tumblr, I’ve seen posts from my fellow shippers answering questions of why they ship this couple together, and I can tell you that 10 out of 10 times (unless of course they’re feeling lazy – which I can understand, because I remember being asked this questioned a couple of times, and it can take me a long time to compose [or just narrow down the reasons because there are a lot] a post) they will talk about our ship’s progress/moments.  

The posts are usually really long, too. From experience, it’s quite difficult to talk about this ship and not get carried away. 

I should really wrap this up because this is getting pretty lengthy. So I’m going to end this by saying, it’s pretty funny though, right? Some people who find Sasuke attractive (and want him to end up with someone) specifically chose Sakura. I guess it isn’t my ship’s fault that they both look good together and that they’ve had a lot of moments and progress throughout the manga/anime.

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Have you read "Married to Sasuke Uchiha" by AnimeloverNUMBA100? This fanfic will always be my fav(:

Oh, I don’t think I have, actually. Thank you! I’ll add it to my reading list. :)

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Can you list any god/goddess or ancient Greek mythology SasuSaku fanfics please?

To be honest, I’d really love to read more Greek mythology-inspired SasuSaku fanfics (I just love Greek mythology in general), but unfortunately, I don’t think there are a lot out there.

There’s this one in-progress fic though called, “Quietus" by AngelhearteD. It has been suggested to me a lot of times, so if you haven’t read it yet, maybe you could try giving this fic a shot. 

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what naruto episode is sakura holding akamaru and sasukes watching? i skipped all the fillers and i cant find it amywhere!

It’s from the 7th Naruto OVA entitled, “Naruto: The Genie and The Three Wishes, Believe It!”

edit: thank you, generalcaraway for pointing out my mistake there. I’m currently sorting through the messages in my inbox, so I somehow managed to mix up the two OVAs. 

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